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Our Story


Growing up, I’d visit my Dad’s watch workshop where the technicians would allow me to play around with the components. That’s where my love of timepieces was born and I saw the changes in the watch industry during my formative years.
While I enjoyed watching new trends evolve, I always felt that the true essence of a timepiece should be classy, functional, durable, affordable and one that never goes out of style. Along the way, I feel that we’ve lost these values in the ever changing world of fashion and throwaway /disposable culture.
I admired how the Swiss watches met all this criteria but I found them to be too expensive. That’s what inspired me to create the Renzo collection - Swiss made watches that can be incorporated into one’s daily activities without breaking the bank.
It doesn’t matter if you are in denim or in a tuxedo – there is a Renzo suited to every occasion and many times, this switch can be done simply by changing the band using the quick release spring bar incorporated into the back of every watch strap – no tools required.
Renzo watches use only the finest materials - Click here to see the full Specs

Swiss Made – Internationally Designed

“Anybody can put together a timepiece to make a beautiful-looking watch, but the true beauty is what is on the inside."

Here at Renzo, we place great pride in our Swiss-made watches using only the finest components both inside and out. Your timepiece is made with an authentic Swiss movement coupled with full grain Italian leather watch bands, 316L grade stainless steel casing, sapphire crystal glass and 5ATM water resistance. This results in a timepiece that will not only stand out in a crowd, but also stand the test of time.