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Become a Partner

Become a Brand Ambassador:
If you're a fun and energetic person who loves what Renzo represents and would like to promote this lifestyle, then join us. You need to be active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat or have your own blogging site. Payments will be made via commissions on sales. 

Affiliate Marketing Program:
If you run online publications, email newsletters, content marketing, display advertising, then join forces with us. This program is best for media publications, apps and online shopping platforms. Payments will be made via commissions on sales. 

Become a distributor:

Join us and become a distributor of Renzo Watches to reap the benefits of this partnership
We're looking to expand our independent distribution network and offer the opportunity to become part of a network of people that choose to work with us for the quality and competitiveness of our products and the attention we pay to them.

Become part of a winning team
We are looking for new distributors all over the world to establish a relationship of trust and success.
* In-depth local market knowledge
* Ability to carry out marketing and sales activities
* Ability to provide support in the local market
* Expertise and experience in the Horological field

Why become a distributor?

1. Increase your business.
You can expand your current sales area and increase revenue.
2. Visibility on the Renzo Website
You will join as a distributor in our web site, where buyers will find the information to contact you for purchasing and support.

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