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About Renzo

Sapphire Crystal Scratch Resistant


My story:
Growing up, I’d visit my Dad’s watch workshop where the technicians would allow me to play around with the components. That’s where my love of timepieces was born and I saw the changes in the watch industry during my formative years. While I enjoyed watching new trends evolve, I always felt that the true essence of a timepiece should be classy, functional, durable, affordable and one that never goes out of style. Along the way, I feel that we’ve lost these values in the ever changing world of fashion and throwaway / disposable culture. That’s when the idea for Renzo was born. Timepieces  that incorporate all of the core values without breaking the bank. I’ve created a Renzo that can suit every occasion by incorporating an easily interchangeable watch strap. This switch can be done simply by using the quick release spring bar incorporated into the back of every watch strap – no tools required.

About Renzo:
We take great pride in our watches. We believe in sustainability and know that this can only be achieved by using the best materials and craftsmanship. Our watches are timeless, built to last and will never go out of style. We place a high emphasis on quality, durability and fashion. Our specially designed watch straps are all interchangeable and use the quick release spring bar for a fast, easy and effective way to change the bands. For the fashion conscious watch buyer, this option allows you to change the look of your watch to suit any occasion easily and quickly. The end result is a timepiece that will not only stand out in a crowd, but also stand the test of time.