Swiss Made Chronograph Watches
Sapphire Crystal Scratch Resistant
“Anybody can put together a timepiece to make a beautiful-looking watch, but the true beauty is what is on the inside."
Here at Renzo, we believe in sustainability and know that this can only be achieved by using the best materials and craftsmanship. Switzerland has a well-deserved reputation for producing the finest timepieces in the world and in keeping with our commitment to quality, Renzo watches are Swiss made, incorporate Swiss movements and use the highest grade materials including Italian full grain leather for our straps.
Renzo watches are timeless, built to last and will never go out of style. We place a high emphasis on quality, durability and fashion. Our specially designed watch straps are all interchangeable and use the quick release spring bar for a fast, easy and effective way to change the bands. For the fashion conscious watch buyer, this option allows you to change the look of your watch to suit any occasion easily and quickly.
Current fashion dictates what is on trend and what people will wear, even on their wrists. True watch aficionados obviously care about the aesthetics, materials and craftsmanship and this is the essence of Renzo.