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What should you wear to a wedding? Decoding Men’s Attire!

Is that mix of bills and random catalogues in your mailbox being disrupted by large envelopes with thick cardstock? If you nodded your head in agreement, then welcome yourself to the wedding season. 

While wedding invitations with that pretty calligraphy font seem innocent enough, the feeling of being overwhelmed descends as soon as your eyes come across the words 'Dress Code'.

Ladies usually have thousands of options, but men mostly have to do with suits. Arguably it's not that easy. And while weddings can be fun, deciding what to wear can be incredibly stressful.

Thankfully, fashion has evolved and today you can find the right fit for yourself for any occasion. 

Still, you don't want to overdress or outdo the groom or the bride. But at the same time, you don't want to leave without creating an impression. So where does that leave you?

Let's put an end to all the confusion, once and for all. 

It's time to nail the dress code, inject your style, suit-up, look suave as hell and be Legen- wait for it -dary! 

The Occasion

It’s important to understand the theme of the wedding. Whether you're off to a simple summer wedding, a beach wedding, a wedding in a glorious French chateau, a small English chapel wedding or an intimate affair, the type should define your dressing.

White Tie

First questions first, Who are You?

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These weddings are extremely formal and feature the fanciest dress code (imagine you're going to the Met Gala and dress accordingly!) 

THE OUTFIT - An evening tailcoat and trousers, tailored to fit. Think of it like a tuxedo, but fancier. The jacket, underpinnings, vest, and wing-collar shirt should all be white. 

As for shoes, stick with the most formal options. 

THE WATCH- You'll need studs and cufflinks, too. But an occasion like this, calls for an elegant watch. Combining beauty with sophistication, our Royale Brown White Chronograph is a great choice.

Gather all the old-world charm you can muster up to any white-tie event. 

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Black Tie

While being invited to a white-tie is a dream, black-tie weddings are widely popular. These are usually evening affairs and are pretty formal.

THE OUTFIT- A black tuxedo, with a black bow-tie and black shoes. These are no-fail options. You can't go wrong with black.

THE WATCH - You could feature cufflinks or a pocket square, but make sure to accessorize elegantly. Continuing the color scheme on your wrist, the Royale All Black Chronograph can be a dignified option to wear. 

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Pro Tip: If the dress code is indicated as black tie optional, then you can opt to wear a tuxedo or a dark suit and tie.


This dress-code is more popular nowadays. And it is your safest bet if nothing is specified on the invitation. Though it is far from casual.

THE OUTFIT - It revolves a lot around the time of the year and the wedding location, but you're wearing a suit and a tie. 

Darker fabric colors like Black, navy and charcoal grey are suitable for winters. During summers, a lighter suit can be worn but do not skip the tie. 

Oxfords are a go-to choice for shoes.

THE WATCH - To elevate your look, our top picks are the Risque All Blue and the Revenant Brown White. Choose any one and complete your fashion statement. 

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A man's cocktail attire allows a certain level of freedom. You're expected to wear a suit or a jacket (no tux) and look sharp. 

THE OUTFIT - Suits in heavier wools and tweed materials are more appropriate for winter, while suits in cotton and linen can be worn in summer. Cocktails usually mean darker colors and a collared shirt. 

For shoes, go with loafers.

THE WATCH- You can skip the tie. Go for a pocket square instead. You have the liberty to play with colors. But remember looking chic. To add some extra class, add the Rogue Black Brown to your wrist. 

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 Beach Formal

Beach weddings call upon you to dress down a bit. But you've still got to dress to impress. While a beach may give out all holiday vibes, a wedding is no casual stroll.

THE OUTFIT - Keep the colors light and avoid white unless requested. Go with beige, pastel, lighter shades of tan and khaki. Linen fabrics are perfect to compliment the beachy atmosphere. 

Pair your attire with loafers, sneakers or anything you can wear without socks (you’ll be near water, remember)

THE WATCH- Undo the top button or two of your shirt and sport a bedazzling watch like the Rogue Tan White to attain the perfect look. 

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Do not wear shorts to a wedding. Period.

Opt for something comfortable yet thoughtfully put together and stylish. It's time to break out of boundaries here.

THE OUTFIT- You may choose one with more noticeable patterns. An informal colored coat with contrasting trousers. A blazer and a button-down shirt with dress/suit trousers or a stylish pair of chinos instead would be great options to look out for. 

For shoes, you can do brogues, boat shoes or loafers. 

THE WATCH- The Rogue Grey Black or the Risque Blue White can be both casual and impactful options to go for. 

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 Though dress codes and recommendations can go on endlessly, this covers most of it briefly. Don't forget to tag us in your Instagram wedding pictures (especially if it's a white-tie event).