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Should you wear your favorite watch all the time?

"Time is an illusion." Could anyone be more accurate than Albert Einstein?

A watch is a diamond for the people always on the run for those looking for a glamourous touch and even those who choose minimalism over bling. Watches are timeless and always a good idea.

Watches are the essentials that can elevate any outfit. And it is an accessory that can never go out of style. We know everyone has that one signature timepiece they always depend upon. But, achieving perfection every time with your favorite watch is no mean deal.

Small details make big impressions. So, it is time for you to learn these watch style tips, and always make a good impression. 

Swiss Made Watches

Twinning is Winning

Can you imagine anyone wearing a brown watch with a black tux? Or how about wearing a dark dial during daytime? It sounds like a terrible idea, right?

Always remember to twin dark with dark and light with light. Dark dials like black, brown, and grey are always a night thing. For daytime, go for light-colored dials such as white, off white, or cream.

If you are still thinking about what could possibly go with your black tux, Check this aesthetic Renzo watch.

Co-ordinate your watches with your outfit

James Bond wore a dive watch with a tux and still looked as impressive as ever. Are you also a die heart fan of James bond? Even if you are, never ever try to pair a dive watch with a tux or a classic watch with a swimsuit, unless, like Mr. Bond, you are paid big money to do so.

Always make sure that you wear a suitable watch that matches your outfit as well as the event you are visiting. For a classy affair, you can have a look at this exquisite Renzo watch, and well, for a swimming event, you can always rely on these magnificent divers from Renzo watches.

Frequently checking your watch displays disinterest

What do you do when you find a movie boring? Check the phone. Yes? Likewise, checking your watch every now and then shows a lack of interest in anything you are doing. So, until she doesn't wish you a good night, your date isn't over.

Take good care of your watch

A good timepiece is an essential accessory; Classic, Timeless, and Elegant. If it is your favourite, we assume it is perfect. And we know the struggle of finding an ideal watch. So, take good care of it. It’s not rocket science.

Besides not breaking the bank or your watch, there are other things you should look out for. Take your watch for regular servicing and keep it clean. An occasional polish (buffing) will remove years of accumulated scratches and leave it looking as good as new. 

We all have that one “go to” watch but honestly. One timepiece can never be versatile enough to match every outfit so it’s wise to invest in a small yet unique collection. Check us out you’ll be glad you did.