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Say hello to class

Say hello to class  

Style is an individual language and as much as we love to follow the latest fashion, we also want to select key trends that stay true to the Swiss made excellence that is Renzo Watches. Making sure to only choose trends that will continue to make our watches timeless, yet fashionable and most importantly - speak to our customers.

The ever-growing popularity of wearable tech has become part of the watchmaking world, but as we expected this has not shied individuals away from the classic wristwatch. Contrary to belief, our customers still want a timepiece that not only complements their outfit but completes it. The desire to still wear a handcrafted, modern luxury watch and connect with individuals in a more personal way, is at the forefront of the trends we are aligning with this year.

Our extensive range of modern luxury watches hits the mark for various reasons. Our carefully crafted pieces are heralded for their artistry, making them rich in their heritage but also trendy in their designs, ideal for the contemporary man.

By combining both tech and trends, our latest collection of watches are a flawless blend of high-quality materials and exciting colors and designs. The rise of blue has caught our eye, as we feel that a perfectly curated blue watch will not only work with your exceptionally tailored suit, but also as a smart-casual watch to wear over the weekend. Our collection includes interchangeable Italian leather straps to easily choose a color and design that can be switched out at your convenience.


Our watches are constructed from only the best high-quality materials from the Jura Valley. Featuring a surgical grade stainless steel case, full-grain Italian leather straps, crafted from sapphire crystal, as well as waterproof and gold-plated – our watches are not only elegant in design, but high-tech in construction. Whether you are in a boardroom pitching a business proposal or climbing up Mount Everest, our Swiss made watches are the go-to option for the modern man.