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How To Match Your Watch to Your Outfit

A watch is an accessory. It's meant to enhance your look, not overpower it.

Just like you've got to necessarily match your belt, a wristwatch has the power to make your appearance. At Renzo, we can't help but emphasize this every time.

Watch matching can be overwhelming and before we get into the details, let's have a look at what not to do while matching your watch to your outfit.

· Do Not Wear Anything Other than a Dress Watch with Formal Attire.

· A Smart Watch is not the True Accessory you're looking for.

· Do Not Wear a Dress Watch if there's even the slightest chance of it getting Wet. Trust us, that's the last thing you want.

While there are no absolute rules, it won't hurt to keep the above in mind. And now take a deep breath and read ahead to come out of that fix you're in about finding the perfect watch-fit for your outfit.

Ask Yourself, "How Much Do I Know About Watches?"

It's very important to determine the interest level you have.

If you're interested in having a single watch, then start by choosing the dress code you would pair it with and then buy one specifically for that purpose.

You could also buy a watch that interests you and then look for a matching outfit but we don't recommend this option. If though, you're a regular watch-person, you'd want to proceed as below:

Craft together a Versatile Base Collection of Watches

Different occasions demand different watches.

Ideally, men should have 3-4 watches in their base collection:

· A classic yet simple Dress Watch with a silver case, like the Revenant Black White Renzo.

· One can never have enough Dress Watches. So if you already have one, go ahead and add another elegant dress watch with a Gold/Rose Case.

· A Pocket Watch. It's traditional but not outdated, trust us. · A Sports/Casual Watch with a Metal bracelet is ideal. Check out the Renzo's Diver Collection to get an idea for something rugged. 

· A Personal Timepiece. This one could be anything. There are no limitations. This one is a watch you just love! 

Craft together a Versatile Base Collection of Watches

Match your Watch to the Dress Code

The Dress Code is the primary deciding factor for your watch and all other accessories. The combination should be perfect.

· Wear a Dress Watch to formal events, black-tie weddings, client meetings, casual business events, garden parties etc.

· Choose one from the Diver's Collection to wear at casual restaurants or sporting adventures like biking, sailing (or if you like diving, it’s a perfect fit) or happy hour with your pals. 

Match the Metal, Band and Face Color of your Watch to the Outfit

The elements of your watch should match your accessories. Go about it in the following way:

· Match the Metal with your Cufflinks.

· The watch, if it has a leather band, should match your shoes and belt.

· The watches' face-colour should typically match the colour of your outfit and the time of the day. Lighter colours for day-wear whereas darker colours are suited for the evening.

Now that you know how to match your watch perfectly to your outfit, it's time to level-up your watch game. Let your watch express and speak for itself.