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How to Identify a Quality Timepiece

Identifying a Quality Timepiece

A good watch is more than just a timepiece. It’s a valuable and fashionable accessory, a status symbol and if you choose to pass it on, it becomes a legacy. For those of you that want to make sure you get value for your money, here are five tips to identify a quality wristwatch.

Touch and feel

When you try on a watch, it should feel solid and comfortable. A watch that has a bit of heft behind it is a good sign. The complexity and design of genuine watches take up a good deal of space and weight and should therefore feel heavier unless it is designed to be minimalist or light. Full grain Italian leather straps will add to the luxurious feel of the watch and provides depth and character synonymous to that of a quality wristwatch. Be on the lookout for labeling that will indicate this, as well as small imperfections in the leather indicating its authenticity. The finishing touches on the watch will also be above standard and the case should be perfectly polished, feeling comfortable and right at home on your wrist.


Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire crystal is the gold standard of luxury watches – it is renowned for its mix of luxury smoothness and hard wearing scratch resistance, making it a popular choice for our classic Swiss-made watches. Sapphire crystal is one of the strongest natural elements on earth and won’t easily scratch.


Even if you're a watch aficionado, chances are you’ve come across a counterfeited watch brand. Counterfeiters have done considerable damage and have flooded the consumer market with fake and shoddy goods. To battle this, Swiss officials have ensured that all Swiss-made watches have to be marked in the correct way and will always have the Swiss-made label shown.


The most precise watches in the world undergo extreme testing to make sure they are accurate to the last second. A watch should be able to accurately keep time and if your watch loses seconds easily that would be a sign that it’s not a true quality watch. Our Swiss-made Renzo watches are accurate to within seconds daily. Remember to also check the origin of the movement. Renzo watches house movements manufactured by the Ronda Group, an established Swiss movement manufacturer with over 70 years of watch making history behind them.


Reputation in the watchmaking industry goes a long way. Swiss watches have a legacy and its quality and standards are the benchmark for consumers. A classic and high-quality watch is a marvel that will live on as legend or heirloom in your family. Choosing a premium grade watch from the get-go will be worth your while.