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Give Your Son His First Real Watch As His Graduation Gift

Along with being a pragmatic gift, a watch is just the perfect metaphor for changing periods in one's life. A lot more personal than just a gift card and far safer than a random piece of clothing, a watch makes a gift you can anytime rely upon. Hence, a wristwatch makes a poignant graduation gift. 

Whether the youthful scholar is making it through the cumbersome teenage years and going towards a new experience in college or the workforce, or gaining a degree after four (or more) long years at a university and commencing a career — graduation is a celebratory occasion, and it deserves a worthy gift. 

Giving a timepiece is both heartfelt and effective. It's a constant reminder of timeliness and professionalism; it's entirely useful, and it also serves as a quiet remembrance of all the hours spent learning and growing. Possibly it will inspire contemplation on the last four years, or maybe it will encourage the graduate to get to his or her first job on time. Either way, even one glance at their watch will make them think of you — and that's the gift that never stops giving.

While any watch, if chosen with care, can be an invaluable gift, there are distinct ones that best portray the message, "Here is to all that you have achieved in your past, and to all you will accomplish in the future."


Fashion watches have a lot to contribute to a recent graduate. Stylish without piercing out, a fashion watch is versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion. 

This 42mm Renzo Aquanaut Explorer hits the mark when it comes to a dive watch you can trust. Its technical acumen makes the iconic aesthetic of Renzo a bonus. This high-grade 316L stainless steel timepiece is meticulously engineered to withstand extreme pressure and has a depth rating of 1,000 feet. A unidirectional bezel keeps track of precious time underwater. 


Edgy is the perfect word to define this watch from Renzo. It is made for someone who always brings something new and unique to the table.

The Rogue All-Black Renzo's black-on-black design makes it an exceptional luxury-wear showstopper. This watch is built to handle whatever you throw its way, and it will look good doing it. 

ROGUE ALL BLACK - Renzo Watches


For a graduation gift that will stand the test of time, consider this classic handmade timepiece which is a truly quintessential example of Renzo watches. 

Those who prefer the less metallic look, the Royale Brown Black Renzo's minimalistic watch is the one that places style above all. 



This one is bound to break your graduate son's face into smiles, every day. Sleek, ultra-comfortable and packed with rugged durability, the Rogue Tan White Renzo is just perfect and maintains the highest quality.

It is a great choice for everyday wear and also has features to fit your casual outdoor needs. 

ROGUE TAN WHITE - Renzo Watches

The timepieces are just a glimpse of all that Renzo has in store for you — there is a variety of watch styles to choose from. Find the watch that perfectly suits your graduating senior here. Of course, the most valuable present you can offer is to provide your unending support during these significant life transitions and by consuming quality time together as long as you can.