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Full Grain Leather Straps

Full grain leather: Why it’s simply the best 

Quite simply, our full grain Italian leather bands are the real deal and we strive in combining both on-trend designs and high-quality materials to give you the best you can get. The kind of richness, depth and character that full grain leather provides can simply not be beat.

Our leather watch straps are both durable and crafted from only the best processing techniques. The ancient technique of vegetable tanning used in creating our leather straps, originated in Tuscan tanneries in Italy. Although various tanneries across the world use these techniques, it’s been trademarked to protect the knowledge and development of these processes.

Full grain Italian leather is made from the top layer of a hide, without sanding or buffing. This ensures that the unique detail and nuances of the hide are kept intact, giving each piece its own characteristics. Full grain Italian leather differs from other leathers as it’s the most distinctive and natural, with every piece being handcrafted individually. It is important to note that there is a rather large difference between genuine leather and full grain Italian leather, although genuine leather might sound like the best option – keep in mind that it can include any animal’s hide, meaning that the quality of the leather can differ.
Top grain leather is made out of a thinner layer of hide, making it softer and more flexible than a full grain leather. A top grain leather is cheaper and has a less natural look and feel, although it’s still resistant to stains, making it useful for everyday life.

By choosing full grain Italian leather for our watches, they are renowned for their function, quality and design, as well as its luxurious beauty and long-lasting strength. Our sophisticated and versatile straps are perfect for any occasion. From classic neutral colors like brown and black to more daring and vibrant colors like blue. If you are opting for a luxury timepiece, choosing a Renzo full grain Italian leather watch won’t disappoint and if looked after properly, will last you for years to come.