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Classic vs. Smart

The Classic vs. The Smart

The timeless nature and history of a well-made classic watch has endured some tough competition from digital smartwatches over the years. Although there’s absolutely no doubt that smartwatches are here to stay, we have to stop and take into consideration that the luxury and traditional watch still has its iconic spot in the market and why.

For those who love interacting with new technology, smartwatches live up to their reputation. It’s the ultimate communication device on your wrist, allowing you to receive and send messages, track your heart rate, sleep, activity and overall fitness level, as well as various other beneficial features. Its lifespan however, is much shorter and constantly needs software updates and recharging. In comparison, a classic quartz watch can run between 2 – 5 years on a single battery and an automatic, if properly maintained can run for much longer. You’ve all heard about how a father passed his favorite watch to his son. Well, that should give you an indication as to the durability of classic watches.  


A traditional watch is a symbol for more than just the time on your hand. Although a luxury wristwatch can’t tell you how many steps you’ve walked – it’s a mighty fashion icon that’s stood the test of time and brought forth irreplaceable designs. Allowing people to disconnect and admire a well-constructed beautiful watch without it constantly reminding you of your on-the-go lifestyle is in itself a thing of beauty. In terms of construction, there are simply no comparisons. Currently, the maximum depth that a smart watch will function underwater is limited to 20 meters whereas standard classical divers’ watches will routinely withstand pressure of 300 meters and more.

Traditional watches are like books. They are classic and as consumers in a digital world, we have the need to add items that are collectibles rather than fleeting accessories. A classic wristwatch allows you to appreciate its handcrafted perfection and lasting beauty that it has to offer. They stand for a single purpose of premium taste and quality that a smartwatch just does not add up to.


The classic and traditional Renzo Watch moves in its own territory with ever-evolving stylish and luxury designs that customers will continue to gravitate toward and won’t be replaced anytime soon. It will continue to be a fashionable and classic collectible for its fans.